EAN Varenummer: BHPHO3
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A fall arrest and work positioning harness with ascender to aid rope ascents.
The harness is equipped with the HOLD UP compact chest ascender that is optimised for ascending ropes. The HOLD UP is designed to stay parallel to the user’s
body allowing the rope to slide easily through the device, making it particularly user friendly.

  • X shaped shoulder straps increase comfort and ensure excellent load distribution.
  • The semi-rigid leg loops and waist belt provides optimal pressure distribution where the body is in contact with the harness.
  • The padded shoulder straps are held apart to minimise neck chafing.
  • The waist belt, leg loops and shoulder straps are lined with breathable foam to improve comfort and to reduce perspiration.
  • The waist belt’s two lateral attachment loops can be folded back to minimise hindrance.
  • The dorsal attachment point is made from steel.
  • Two opening quick release buckles (one per leg loop) enable the harness to be easily fitted even with cumbersome footwear. A FLAT LINK connector allows the shoulders straps to be easily connected to the lower part of the harness and is compatible with the HOLD UP chest ascender.
  • Its flat working surface ensures the webbing is properly seated.

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