V-shaped fall arrest lanyard with integrated energy absorber (EN355 + EN362). Designed as a progression lanyard
for work environments with a fall risk, it is well adapted to structures where anchor points are cables, bars or beams.

  • ABSORB’AIR absorber combined with a V-shaped lanyard.
  • V-shaped lanyard with two symmetrical rope legs for progression using fall arrest techniques.
  • Supplied with 2 AIR-HOOK LARGE connectors to clip anchor points and an O’LIGHT 3-MATIC connector to connect to the harness.
  • Sewn terminations with reinforced eyes to protect the rope.
  • 2 removable covers allow the inspection of termination stitches.
  • Marked with a unique serial number and equipped with a label to accommodate personal markings as well as a QR code to assist traceability.
  • Available in 2 lengths (including connectors and absorber): 1m / 1.5m

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